About Us

DENSAN Co.,Ltd. values harmony with the environment.
We provide various power supplies,AC adapter as well as battery-related products.

To Our Customers

Over the past 30 years, we performed import and export trade / sales on AC adapters, overall power supply for electrical components, mainly between East Asia and Southeast Asia.
We are now actively pursuing development of cost-effective power supply apparatus (switching power supply) products this past years to accompany the advances in technology.

We believe that the environmental issues are common human importance, so and aims to maintain the global environment and contribute to the society by advocating “harmony with the environment” as our slogan.
Our rich experience and know-how, along with our offshore production cooperation factory, hope to be your helping hand.

The purchase of the small lot and the development of the new product are possible, too. Please feel free to contact us.

Our Products

Leave it to DENSAN for AC adapters (switching-type / linear type), battery (lithium / NiMH).
The manufacturing facility of the product which we handle acquires the security standard of thorough quality control of Japan (PSE), Europe/United States (UL TUV) and other countries under the technical guidance of Japan. Our products are imported and sold through our authorized factory for safty.

Company Profile

Name DENSAN Corporation
Date of Establishment : May,1976
Capital : 10 million Yen
President : Kazuya Arai
Main Bank : The Bank of Mitsubishi-Tokyo-UFJ,Ltd.,Resona Bank, Limited.,The Yokohama Shinkin Bank
ISO : ISO14001:2015

Locations : Head Office (Yokohama)
(Daiwajisyo Aioi-cho Bldg)2-50,Aioi-Chou,Naka-Ku,Yokohama-City ,Kanagawa
Phone :+81-45-662-8189
Fax :+81-45-662-8188
Email :densan@denkom.co.jp

: Osaka Office
392-22 Shitomiya Shijyonawate-City Osaka
Phone :+81-72-878-2401
Fax :+81-72-878-2401
Email :densan@hb.tp1.jp

: Taiwan Office
5F No.50 DA-Ching street
Phone (07)383-3818